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Delve is a data initiative to develop a global platform for artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) data. It is currently managed by the World Bank and jointly implemented with Pact.

Bittersweetcreative Ad Agency hired me as a UX/UI consultant for this project.



DELVE wanted to create a ASM Data online collaboration catalog that will collect, visualize, analyze and share ASM data around the world. The main goal was to  share what is the real impact of their labor socially and economically.

Currently ASM data is no accurate nor complete data available, that could help understand better how governments, NGOs, and businesses can improve the lives of artisanal miners. This lack of information undermines the sector’s advancement, obscures its contribution to poverty reduction, and perpetuates a narrative that ASM is dirty, chaotic and inherently bad for the environment and developing communities.



Create a global platform containing artisanal and small-scale mining data that accurately portrays a complete picture of the sector’s contribution to global development.



After reviewing all the documentation provided, I started to sketch what could be the potential flows from different personas. Scenarios were drawn to understand steps and decisions that needed to be taken into account.

In parallel to that a sitemap of the website was created to understand the core architecture of the content as well as sections and segments required for reviewing and posting data.

Workflows were defined and agreed, and wireframes started to visualize how this website could look. As usual, I started broadly and vague trying to define what stakeholders wanted and what our users focused was, based on the personas profiles I had.

As I kept defining more interactions and elements at page level, I moved my efforts in the UI. A style was created using what the client had as branding.



Senior UX/UI Designer



DELVE via Bittersweetcreative