Creativity & The Cherry On Top

A few years ago I received a Christmas gift. It was a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates, the latter of which really caught my attention. It was an extremely well-designed package: the graphics, folding, cuts, and colors. Inside, the box was decorated with layers of paper and origami-like details; and each chocolate was beautifully wrapped. As I carefully ‘undressed’ the multi-layered gift, I thought that this could be a package designer’s dream job. When I finally got to the chocolate, I found each piece had a unique design painted on it.  The presentation was so intricate, I almost didn't want to eat it. I felt badly ruining the layout or even leaving my fingerprints on such a work of art. But since I am a foodie, I found the courage to eat one. The taste didn't match the superbly designed packaging...it was actually very disappointing. The gap between the visual and the flavor was so big that I could never buy it as a gift (even though I value good design). An



The UX Complexity: From Teamwork to Team Understanding

The below article was posted on taylor-code.com blog on March 20th 2017. Being that this is the first UX article I am writing for this blog, I have given considerable thought to the topic I should cover as a starting point. UX is such a vast arena that it is not easy to pick a topic. In my almost eight years of experience as a UX Designer (aka Product Designer), I always come back to common ground when working on any project. UX is misunderstood in almost every place I have worked and even interviewed. Some people, among them recruiters, think that being a UX means being able to create boxes connected to lines (also called Wireframes). They think the discipline is about creating a document that is simply a checklist of things required for an interactive project. Some even request a UX at the end of a project so they can comply on the deliverables to their clients. In both of these cases the role is anything but UX; you just become an individual who updates a document,



El Bodegon de Ulla

Many years ago while I was still a dreamer. I made an audiovisual event: El Bodegon de